Follow Our Footsteps | Elie & Edna

Written by Olivia Oiknine Benarroch, parent of Elie in Grade 5 on December 18, 2017:

Elie reminded me on Shabbat that it was Edna’s birthday on Sunday and he said he wanted to go visit her. Edna is the woman Ellie met when he and his class went to visit the Vista Seniors Home near the school. This was all part of last year’s “Follow our Footsteps” Language Arts Exhibit.

Yesterday, we called Edna and scheduled a visit (the only one she had yesterday). Oh, was she ever happy! She cried of joy when she saw Elie. They were hugging for a while. Then he gave her a present with a beautiful card that he wrote saying that he always thinks about her and he loves her very much.

She said he made more than her day. I can’t tell you how happy she was.

We stayed for a long time. Edna had plenty of stories to tell us. When we left, Elie told her that he will come visit her again soon.

Later that evening, before going to sleep, he said he wants to go see her more often.

Elie said, “Mom let’s not wait for her next birthday, let’s go see her after the holiday.”

I told him I was very proud of him.

I’m very happy that he is growing up understanding the real meaning of life. Nothing is more important than doing a mitzvah by bringing joy to someone who needs it.

Isn’t that what we try to teach our kids?