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As an inclusive school, Solomon Schechter Academy welcomes Jewish students from the entire Montreal community. Our admissions process requires you to submit the following documents along with our admissions application form at the bottom the page:

  • A completed and signed admissions application form.
  • A $250 registration fee paid by cheque and made out to “Solomon Schechter Academy” whereby $200 will be applied towards School Fees if your child is accepted.
  • Your child’s original Birth Certificate
  • To register for our English Section, an original copy of the Application for a Declaration of Eligibility for Instruction in English.

Following your application submission, we will meet you and your child for an interview.

Priority for admission is given to students of our own Pre-Kindergarten. This is followed by students who are siblings of our current students, and children of graduates and members of the Conservative synagogues in our community.

Solomon Schechter Academy also accepts transfer students following a favourable evaluation by our department heads.

Please see the additional information provided in the links below. Please feel free to call or e-mail our Director of Early Childhood, Randy Mendel for additional information:

(514) 485-0866


As a Solomon Schechter School, we are part of 65 Solomon Schechter Schools in North America and reflect the ideology of the Jewish Conservative Movement. To be admitted to the Academy, students must meet the religious criteria established by the Rabbinic Assembly of Conservative Judaism, the local Conservative Rabbis and the school’s Board of Directors. Nonetheless, while we are a Conservative school, we admit Jewish students regardless of their religious affiliation.


Jr. PreK & PreK: $5,595

Kindergarten: $9,525

Grades 1-6: $10,695

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